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Stink Bug Traps

Whether you build 'em yourself or buy one of the many commercially available traps, stink bug traps are an excellent option for your battle against the smelly brown marmorateds. Most traps utilize battery-powered lights to lure the bugs once it's dark, however some of the more expensive traps actually emit a pheromone. The design for most traps is relatively simple in that the container allows for entry, but no exit (thanks to smooth sides or one-way openings).


For the most part, traps of any kind are easy to use. The only real struggle with using traps is disposal. Once a trap is ready to be emptied, you can likely flush the critters down your toilet, or, many people have reported success with freezing the bugs prior to dumping the container to make sure they've all expired. You might also pour in some soapy water or diatomaceous earth to ensure the bugs' demise.


Using traps along with pesticides should prove highly effective. You can save some bucks by making a few traps from empty, plastic soda bottles, but just make sure you follow directions carefully. Don't leave any gaps through which the bugs can escape. If you aren't confident in your trapping skills, try one of the commercially available products.

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